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Snapely Holidays

Have yourself a snarky, Snapely yuletime!

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Name:Snapely Holidays
Location:California, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Have yourself a snarky, Snapely yuletime!
This is the community for holiday art/fic exchange revolving around Snape. Feel free to watch the community and read and review the fic and art during the exchange.

We have a twitter account now: @SnapelyHols. Join us! :)

The Masterlist for Snapely Holidays 2010.

The Masterlist for Snapely Holidays 2009.

The Masterlist for Snapely Holidays 2008.

Our schedule for 2011:

New rules/pre-sign up post: July 7th

Sign-ups: August 7th through August 14th

Assignments out by: August 31st

Assignments due for first time Snapely Holidays participants:
November 6th

Assignments due for past Snapely Holidays participants:
November 20th

Drop dead date: November 27th

Snape-glomping, er, posting begins December 1st. :)

Interests (40):

admiring my referee gear, arguing with know-it-alls, bilberry jam, bitter black tea, black cats, black owls, black robes, bothering minerva, dark arts, fat-bottomed cauldrons, flying, green eyes, improving spells, issuing detention, lads who dig deatheaters, lasses who dig deatheaters, long stirring rods, making dunderheads weep, making spells, mind arts, mushy peas, patrolling at night, poisoning lemon drops, potions, rainy days, reading, repainting my den black, secretly admiring red hair, silver does, slytherin quidditch, spying, taking house points, the black lake, the goddess lily evans, the staff lounge, the staff spa, wanking on my desk, wanking under my desk, wolfsbane recipes, writing poetry
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